Our Story

     A family jewelry business does not always take the traditional path.  People grow and change, explore opportunities, leave and come back to an entirely new home.  Cliff has been creating jewelry for more than 40 years.  All of his children have worked for him at one time or another, but one, his son Sam always took a stronger interest in the business and craft.  A summer job in high school turned into an apprenticeship, but somewhere along the way Sam had to spread his wings and leave the nest. Cliff and Sam never stopped making jewelry together, they just were not always in the same room.  Sam now brings 20 years of jewelry experience himself as both an artist and a teacher.

     In 2018 Cliff and Sam started doing a few more shows together than usual.  This was fun!  Through some long car rides an idea was hatched.  Keep making hand crafted jewelry, in fact make more of it, but together devote some time to creating a marketplace to sell their work together.  This site is the product of that and the first step in what we hope will be a fruitful new undertaking.